EL-50448 Customer Questions & Answers:

Q:What vehicles will EL-50448 work on? have a chevy colorado
        A:From what I've read, this will work on 2012 and 2013 GM cars and Trucks. It may also work on other makes and models. I did several internet searches before purchasing this device, and found that this model is often mentioned specifically for 2012 and 2013 GM vehicles. You should be able to find specific information for your Colorado pretty easily. Also, I have read that there is a reset procedure for 2012 and earlier GM vehicles that does not require a reset tool, so you may not need this device at all. :-) 

  Q:Which GM automobiles will EL-50448 TPMS work on?
       A: Only GM vehicles around 2003 to prsent.
     A: I don't know all the automobiles that it will work on but I know for sure that it works on late model GM pick up trucks- 2007 on. That is what I use mine for. Very easy to use. Good quality product.

  Q:Will it work on a ford expedition xlt 2006 , thanks
      A: No, This is for General Motors vehicles only.

  Q:Does it work on BMWs?
      A: It worked on my BMW motorcycle, which uses Schrader brand TPMS sensors in the tires, so I would guess the BMW auto would be the same. There are some weird tricks you will need to look up, for example, on my Suzuki automobile, you have to follow a procedure including which tire to start out at and which one you end at - so I am sure it must be similar for BMW.

     Q:Will this el-50448 tpms work on 2014 hyundai vehicles? plan on installing new snow tires and rims for the winter.
       A: No just GM"s