OE, universal, configurable and programmable TPMS sensors

Vehicles with direct-type TPMS systems are equipped with TPMS sensors. If a TPMS sensor is not working, it must be replaced before a relearn procedure can be performed. The damaged TPMS sensor can be replaced by an OE sensor or an aftermarket sensor.

There are different types of aftermarket TPMS sensors including universal, configurable and programmable sensors. OE sensors, universal and configurable sensors have new sensor ID’s already encoded within the sensor and need to be activated by using a TPMS diagnostic tool. Programmable TPMS sensors require a TPMS diagnostic tool to create new sensor ID’s or transfer sensor ID’s from the old sensor.

VT56 copy sensor

For multi-brand repair shops, a mix of universal sensors and OE sensors is often required. Our tools support the largest aftermarket sensor list on the market including, Alligator sens.it, BWD Standard OE and Standard QWIK, Continental REDI-Sensor, Dorman Direct Fit, Hamaton U-Pro, HUF IntelliSens, MOBILETRON, NAPA QWIK and OE Design, Orange Simple Sensor, Schrader EZ-sensor, SMP Standard OE and Standard QWIK and STEELMAN Select.

Some important features of the ATEQ VT56 and VT36 when working with TPMS sensors include:

  • Displays sensor data including sensor ID, psi, frequency, temperature and battery life (some sensors do not display temperature and battery life data)
  • Sensor part number lookup by vehicle make, model, year (MMY) selection
  • Program sensor by sensor or vehicle MMY selection
  • Step by step OBD, Auto, Stationary and Indirect training

VT56 screen copy set        VT36_Sp sensor info