Top customer reviews about Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 TPMS Diagnostic And Service Tool

Top customer reviews

smileyThis will do everything you need for TPMS. I bought this for my shop after a sensor replacement on a 2012 Hyundai could not be programed with our current equipment (some newer vehicles need this tool to actually write the sensor ID onto the module). This thing does it all including direct communication and programming to the TPMS module!!! I still have not seen a better product on the market. Easy to use and every Autel product I have bought so far has been easily updated for free and easy to use.

smileyWhile this tool is a little confusing in the many menus, it is very good and very powerful. This version has both the Tire Pressure Sensor tool but also the OBD reader. It does not just read the codes but also can display the data live. I found the live tracking of OBD data to be quite useful in diagnosing problems. It did take me longer than I expected to figure out the update system, but now it is current with the latest vehicles out there. I was surprised to see such a comprehensive list. I would buy it again if I needed more than one.

smileyWe have owned a DS708 for a couple of years so we felt confident ordering a TS601. We were not disappointed. However, the pc suite disk that came with the tool was obsolete. We could not update the tool. Called support and they guided us to the Autel website and a download for the latest pc suite. Don't update using the usb cable. Remove SD card and use a card reader in pc...
PS Ordered from tpmstoolshop, had no problem with Autel support.