What does the TPMS dashboard light/warning indicate?

The light will illuminate when a tire is low, and should eventually go out after a tire has been inflated to its recommended pressure according to the vehicle’s door placard. After starting a vehicle, a TPMS icon will turn on for a few seconds, however, if it stays on, it indicates that one or more of the tires on the vehicle is at least 25% below the recommended pressure. If the light flashes for approximately one to two minutes, it indicates there is a malfunction in the TPMS system.

There are numerous situations that can cause a TPMS warning light to come on or flash. Some TPMS problems include:

  • Sensor batteries may be dead
  • Valve itself may have physical damage, corrosion or missing components
  • The TPMS system voltage supply, wiring or internal electronics may not be functioning properly
  • The tires were serviced or rotated and the relearn procedure was not properly performed

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