What is a TPMS activation or trigger tool?

A TPMS activation or trigger tool allows the user to activate or trigger the wireless tire pressure monitoring sensor mounted within a tire. For example, all TPMS sensors carry an internal battery that can drain while in storage. When a vehicle is manufactured in a plant, the TPMS sensors mounted within the tire are left in “sleep” mode when delivered to a workshop or dealer. Therefore, the TPMS activation tool is needed to “activate” or “wake up” TPMS sensors mounted within the tires.


ATEQ TPMS workshop activation tools: VT56, VT55, VT36, VT15

ATEQ TPMS DIY activation tools: VT36, VT30, VT15

ATEQ TPMS industrial activation tools: VT60S, DiagVT, VT520